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电流互感器铁芯 Current Transformer Cores

高磁导率、低矫顽力 High permeability, low coercivity, 宽的电流测量范围 Wide measurement current range




Current transformer can be divided into measuring current transformer and protection current transformer. The measuring current transformer is mainly used in conjunction with measuring instrument to measure current, power and electric energy under normal working state. The protection current transfimage.pngormer cooperating with relay device will cut off the line in case of faults such as short circuit or over current to protect valuable equipment in the line, such as generator and transformer.



High permeability, low coercivity

— 宽的电流测量范围

Wide measurement current range

— 优异的温度稳定性

Excellent temperature stability

— 优异的抗饱和特性

Excellent performance on DC immue


·电子电度表(Electronic watt hour meter)

·精密功率表(Precision power meter)

·机械控制中电流过载保护(Current overload protection in mechanical control)

·工业自动化中电流控制(Current control in industrial automation)

·漏电保护开关(Leakage protection switch)




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