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纳米晶带材 Nanocrystalline Ribbons

高饱和磁感、高磁导率 High saturation magnetic flux density and high Permeability,低损耗 Low core loss,低矫顽力 Low coercive force,低磁伸 Low magnetostriction



公司年产高精度Antainano? 纳米晶带材3000吨。Antainano? 纳米晶带材主要由铁、硅、硼、铜、铌等元素组成,在106℃/s的冷却速度下制备,经特定退火工艺处理后,获得具有超细尺寸晶粒(~10nm)的软磁合金材料。


The annual production of high-precision Antainano? ribbon is more than 3000 tons. With the composition of Fe、Si、B、Cu、Nb and other elements, through specific annealing process at cooling rate of 106℃/s, the soft magnetic alloy material with superfine grain size (~10nm) is obtained. 

This new type of metallic functional material is characterized by short production process, one step forming and energy-saving consumption. It owns both features of high saturation magnetization (Bs) of Fe- based Antaimo? alloy and high permeability of cobalt-based Antaimo? alloy, thus it can well meet the performance requirements of high frequency and low loss.

This material is mainly applied in the production of high-end common mode chokes, high frequency transformer, all kinds of current transformers and high-end magnetic amplifier, etc. Related cores and components are mainly used in new energy vehicle power management system, drive system, wireless charging module for mobile phone, rail transit, the precipitation power, grid-connected photovoltaic inverter, digital electronic products, and smart meters in the power grid, etc to meet the requirement of high frequency, huge current, smallness and energy-saving.

二、纳米晶材料特性(Features of Antainano?): 

安泰非晶-纳米晶带材 材料特性.png

三、软磁材料发展方向(Development Trend of Soft Magnetic Material): 


四、基本特性(Basic Characteristics): 

1.物理特性(Physical Properties)


2.标准磁特性(Magnetic Properties of Antainano? and conventional materials:


五、磁滞回线和偏磁特性(Hysteresis Loop and DC-bias Property): 

1.磁滞回线(Hysteresis Loop)


Antainano? ribbon permeability can be adjusted in a certain range. The DC-immune property of cores changes with varied permeability. At present, Antainano? can provide customized material solving method for permeability range as below.


相对磁导率:μ=1,500~300,000 Relative permeability:μ=1,500~300,000

抗饱和磁场:Hm=30~350 A/m Saturated magnetic field:Hm=30~350A/m

2.偏磁特性(Bias Magnetic Property)


六、不同厚度带材性能比较(Performance Comparison of Different Ribbon Thickness)

1.损耗特性曲线-频率(Loss-Frequency Characteristic)


For Antainano? alloy ribbon with same composition, the thinner ribbon is, the lower core loss is. Moreover, the temperature rise of components could be reduced in high frequency to avoid burning.


2.损耗特性曲线-Bm(Loss-Bm Characteristic)


For Antainano? alloy ribbon with same composition,  the thinner ribbon has the lower core loss at the same Bm.

带材损耗特性曲线 bm.png



For Antainano? alloy ribbon with same composition,the thinner ribbon has the higher permeability and impendance at higher frequency, which results in good EMC performance of components .


七、应用示例 (The Sample Application) 


产品选型表(Product selection table):